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Comprehensive Academic and Cultural Institution

History and Purpose
The Afrikan Children’s Advanced Learning Center (ACALC) was formed in August 1988 as an out growth of the Pan Afrikan Center for Progressive Education which began in 1973. ACALC was formed by members of the Pan Afrikan People’s Organization (PAPO). ACALC’S primary purpose is to address the dire need of the Black community for an educational institution and structure which will nurture our children and enhance their self esteem and self respect toward the goal of producing the academically and morally astute leaders we need to ensure a positive future.

A Board of Directors provides overall policy and curriculum guidance to ACALC. The Administration is responsible for carrying out policy and daily institutional operations. The Parent Committee of ACALC consists of all parents and provides support and input to the institution as requested by the Administrator and Board of Director

ACALC Moral and Academic Program
Value Clarification
We focus on Ten Virtues. Examples: “I must control my thoughts and actions.”
The Ten Declarations of Innocence is also used, example: “I have not disobeyed my parents.” This value system is based on MAAT (Truth, Justice and Righteousness) from Ancient Kemet (Egypt).We use principles in order to give our students a sense of value and family responsibility.


We, as an educational institution, instruct our students to arrive to school on time, complete their homework on time, follow the instructor’s instructions at all times and be responsible for their own behavior.
We expect students to follow homework schedules in order to learn how to manage their time.
We expect students to develop good study habits in order to become diligent and dedicated.
We expect students to learn how to sit and listen.
We believe that students can have input on decision making, but they can’t determine the outcome of the decisions.
We expect students to understand that they must be taught how to respect themselves.
We expect students to honor and obey their elders; we don’t spoil our students; if they talk back and are being disrespectful they are discipline immediately.


The lack of self-esteem for Afrikans students can be traced directly to the lack of Afrikan identity within the systems (educational, corporate, institutions, ects). Within our curriculum we reconnect our students to their Afrikan intellectual heritage in all subjects. We tell them the facts and show them the proof, that Afrikans were the first people on earth. No other race can claim this fact, and that makes us unique. This fact makes us the first mothers, fathers and teachers, as well as the first students. Afrikans gave the world knowledge and humanity.

We changed students’ views on Afrika from negative to positive, by bringing in Afrikans from all over the world demonstrating our many different talents. This helps students directly to re-identify with the knowledge of their heritage and their excellence as Afrikans. Students self esteem can be re-established when their vision is clear about their past and their values are clearly defined and rooted in and Afrikan value system of MAAT (Truth, Justice, and Righteousness).

Tough Love
We believe that “time is money” when we are producing material things. But, when we speak of our children, “Time is Love.” Time is something that cannot be created or destroyed, it has to be managed. And, as teachers, we manage eight to nine hours a day with your children. Because we are nurturing and preparing young developing minds, to become competent and self-conscious having the ability to act and build a just society for eternity

MAAT (Truth, Justice, and Righteousness) is our spiritual force that guides and controls our thoughts. We utilize the Ten Virtues, the Declaration of Innocence and Meditation as aspects of understanding and internalizing MAAT.

Our students respond to both love and force. Love is the greatest force we have, and we call it “Time”. When we give our time, we are giving our Love. Some of our students are destroyed because they lack love and time. We do not underestimate the power of love. We know that only time will tell if we have taught them well and whether love will prevail. One Love.